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Mark Lee / Third Day

Mark Lee is a founding member and guitarist for the award-winning Christian rock band Third Day, with thirteen albums and total sales  approaching eight million. An accomplished songwriter (“Sky Falls Down,” “Alien,” “Show Me Your Glory,” and more), Lee has also  written for CCM Magazine, Guideposts for Teens, and others. While balancing touring with life as a husband and father, he earned his BA in Christian studies from Grand Canyon University.He lives with his family outside Atlanta, Georgia.

Mark’s brand new book "HURT ROAD" -


Hurt Road is the story of Mark Lee’s dreams and successes, losses and heartaches, and all the miles in between. The guitarist of Third Day is no stranger to heartache and hopes deferred; the road to success is never traveled without missteps along the way. This is the engaging true story of a teenager who found in music a refuge from the uncertainties of life and then set out to discover a better way to live than constantly struggling to make sure life turned out the way he planned it.

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"Daryl Boyer"

Husband, father, singer, songwriter, worship leader, And recording artist.
Never in all the winding roads of lost opportunity, sorrow, brokenness, and even addiction, did Daryl Boyer ever think he would be in the place of writing and recording music in the Christian music industry. Daryl’s story begins with years of hurt and hard living later turning around into a story of redemption, life changing truth, and the discovery of a selfless and genuine purpose for the Lord.
Daryl spent many years struggling in a hopeless place of depression and alcoholism, while missing the truth of who he really was and what his purpose in life was supposed to look like. Daryl Quotes “Way to often we become blind by our own emotions that are taking over our life, we find ourselves looking at life through a false perspective and trying to apply bandages to get us through the moments of pain and difficulty. Usually the bandages that we apply are anything but good for us, and usually they only put us into deeper problems and heavier emotional bondage. Habits of escape, drinking, drugs, and denial will never move us ahead or fix a single thing. Sadly, without us learning to change the perspective and find real truth, we will never discover just how valuable, loved, and unique we each are. “
Navigating this broken road of lies and self-destructive thinking launched Daryl into truly discovering His loving Heavenly Father, as he really was, not as an angry disappointed father. Daryl quotes, “I discovered that God was a father who is always looking on in love, believing we all have value, purpose, a calling, and really matter equally in His eyes.” Daryl’s journey led him to discover that his identity was not in what people thought of him or even what he had or had not accomplished. Instead, Daryl discovered that God had declared he was worthy and could be a blessing when the focus was turned away from himself and stead redirected to loving others by walking in the Father’s daily grace and forgiveness.
Armed with a new perspective and real truth Daryl’s mission moving forward was simple, to share the truth and share his story, raw and real, just as it was.
Daryl has learned to write songs from his life perspective and daily reality while praying daily that the words of his music touch the lives of others in a way that draws them closer to the father and the truth of his word.


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The Sweet Mercy Band




It started with a cowboy looking for a singer to sing his songs. Through a mutual friend, Bill met Kim. Their first get-to-know-you conversation they learned they were both strong believers in the faith, and both had survived near-death experiences. Bill had been run over by a car nearly crushing him to death when he was a little boy and Kim overcame kidney failure, two bouts of thyroid cancer, and peritonitis. During the next two-and-a-half years, Bill and Kim met weekly for songwriting sessions. Their love for The Lord and music and shared philosophy of keeping egos out of the process has proved to be the perfect formula. More than 25 songs later, The Sweet Mercy Band was formed. Their first song is suitably titled "We're Survivors." Bill and Kim have had the honor of being featured on Christian internet radio programs sharing the good news of God's love for people no matter where they're at in their life. You can expect to hear a combination of country and southern rock with a twist of the blues all wrapped up in a big bow of hope to lift your spirit. The Sweet Mercy Band's full CD will be available for download in the fall of 2017. Check out their first single "We're Survivors" and download it for only 99 cents as well as "Sweet Mercy." More songs to come include "Hello Blue Sky," "Thorns and Razors," and "My Love." Have a blessed day!
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Call Me Found -- the duo of Hannah Devlin and Jeff Bishop -- describes their music as "Christian Americana." They have one album, "Beauty for Ashes."


By the fourth grade, vocalist Hannah Devlin was already showing a gift for music. After formal training in various Philadelphia-area music schools, she experimented with nearly every style of music from opera, jazz, classical, choral, worship, and rock, to musical theater, eventually settling in as a worship leader at her local church.


Her unique style caught the attention of producer/instrumentalist, Jeff Bishop (Bishop Reilly, Earth To Bob), a respected veteran of the 1990’s mid-Atlantic original-music scene who shared the stage with well-known artists such as Ace Frehley (Kiss), Eddie Money, Weird Al Yankovic, and worked with Grammy winning artists, John Rollo (Joe Cocker, The Kinks), Chris Carmichael (Taylor Swift, Kari Jobe), and Mike Tarsia (Patti LaBelle, Stevie Wonder).


Jeff was struck by the purity and vulnerability of Hannah’s voice, and immediately enlisted her to sing background vocals on his 2014 release, Bishop Reilly.


During sessions for that album, they decided to do another album together, this time featuring Hannah as the lead vocalist. They began writing and recording material for an album and shortly thereafter formed a band to take the songs out for live audiences. 


The resulting album, “Beauty For Ashes,” was their first release as Call Me Found, and dropped in December, 2016 on the Eastern Records label.

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Aaron Shust Interview



Aaron Michael Shust is an American contemporary Christian music artist on the Centricity Music label. Shust was named the Songwriter of the Year at the GMA Dove Awards of 2007, and his song, "My Savior My God", received the Song of the Year award.


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Michael English Interview



Most people aspire to normalcy and arrive at complacency.


Most people reach comfortable and, for better or worse, decide to stay.


Michael English isn’t most people.


In a culture that would rather turn a blind eye instead of pursuing something more…something different…Michael stands among the few who intentionally and passionately pursue change from the inside out.


Not behavior modification...not a step-by-step program to self-improvement…but an active, daily encounter with our endlessly creative Savior.


Encounters that don’t let you settle…


Encounters that bring you face to face with the One who knows the innermost workings of the heart He created inside and gently, firmly, molds, shapes, leads and guides that very heart until it is more and more like His.


This is where Michael English is living.


Here is our interview with Michael English:   




 Christian Recording Artist - Dez Childs !



The life of Dez Childs’ is a story of three paths: One geographic, one musical and one spiritual. From an early age she has traveled each of these roads gaining knowledge, experience and faith. The combination of these experiences, hard work, and a wellspring of God-given talent has resulted in a remarkable musician and a beautiful person.


The daughter of a military man, Dez spent two years of her childhood in Iceland. It was during this time when she first became aware of God’s presence in her life. Her parents had gotten their three daughters involved in a youth bible organization and the family attended a Baptist church regularly. She heard acoustic guitar in church one day and, as she puts it, “fell in love with the sound and didn’t want it to stop.”


Dez’s mom had a career as a professional singer under the name Gigi Parker, and worked with such legends as The Four Seasons. In addition, both grandfathers were musicians and entertainers. Dez’ musical endeavors began with the school choir, in which she participated throughout high school. She started performing, but is was not until the age of sixteen that Dez began to seriously develop her voice as well as her guitar and piano playing skills. After high school there was much pressure on her to attend college but Dez chose to pursue a career in music. Her first band played original progressive rock music. She also taught voice for School of Rock and Musically Speaking Studios.


Over the years, Dez’ faith and music have become intertwined. During her junior year of high school she became a junior leader for Young Life, and began leading worship. She continues to lead worship anywhere there is a need, including women’s retreats and youth organizations. In addition, she works with her churches’ youth worship team, helping them develop their talent.


After accepting Christ as her Savior at the age of fifteen, Dez quickly immersed herself in her home church, a Calvary Chapel located in New Jersey. She spent five years of her life attending most, if not all, of the bible studies and became heavily involved in the worship ministry. The love she had for the Lord was strong and so was her passion to reach the lost. But Dez would be the last person to ever claim that her Christian walk always remained on the hilltops. She quickly learned that staying on the narrow road was harder than it seemed.


Here is our radio interview with Dez about her brand new album, "Work of Art".




Introducing Canadian Christian Artist "Margret-Rose" -




Margaret-Rose is a New Contemporary Christian Pop Singer and Songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Margaret-Rose’s given name is hyphenated, which adds a bit of interest to the Artist’s unique first name. She was born in Montreal, Quebec, lived in London, Ontario briefly from age 3 to 6, and then moved to Winnipeg, where she grew up. Born and raised in a Christian home, Music and Singing have always been a part of her life.


The very first song Margaret-Rose learned to sing at age 3 was, “Yes Jesus Loves Me.” She also learned to sing the radio Single, “Rain Drops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” all by herself. It was evident at an early age, that Margaret-Rose had an ear for spotting Music Hits.


From singing duets in Church with her Mom as a child at age 9 and as a young adult, to singing in Church Choirs, Ensembles, in Musicals, singing Solos at age 13, singing at Winnipeg Jazz Festivals, on T.V., at CBC Fundraisers and everything in between, Margaret-Rose loves to sing!


Margaret-Rose completed a recording project with several other Musicians for Winnipeg Harvest, a non-profit, community based organization, some years back, entitled, “A Professional Christmas,” produced by Dan Donahue of Winnipeg.  More recently, Margaret-Rose performed the song “Alive” in the Musical The Story.


Margaret-Rose has also pursued Nursing, a life-long dream, and graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, in 2004. She continues to enjoy working in her Field while pursuing Music. “It is a pleasure and an honor to provide care to those I serve and in some small way, it is my desire to make an impact and a difference in the lives of those I meet.”


Margaret-Rose released her First Radio Single – Be Bold, September 15th, 2015. Be Bold is a Contemporary Christian Pop Song with an upbeat tempo and a message of hope and encouragement. The song’s inspiration comes from Ephesians 3:12, “In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of Him.” Because of our faith in Christ, we can come to God our Father with confidence. This confidence gives us the courage to face life’s adversities no matter what the challenge.


Be Bold is sure to lift your spirits and give you a new sense of purpose and a new determination to succeed at Life! The song was co-written. Lyrics by Margaret-Rose, music by Eric Copeland of Creative Soul in Nashville and arrangement by Producer Jared Salte of Salt Shaker Studios.


Margaret-Rose releases her Second Radio Single – Out of the Blue, January 5th, 2016! Out of the Blue is a Fun, Easy Listening and Memorable Contemporary Christian Pop Song offering the Listener reassurance and comfort in spite of times of hardship. Inspired by Margaret-Rose’s own life experiences when she too has felt moments of desperation, God has truly been her consolation.


Out of the Blue was written and composed by Margaret-Rose and arranged by her Producer Jared Salte of Salt Shaker Studios.


To all those who listen to her Music, Margaret-Rose would like to send this message, “May you find hope, may your heart and spirit be lifted in those times of sorrow and may you be filled with His Peace and His Joy.” “God Bless.”


Margret -Rose can be found on the Internet at http://margaret-roseonline.com/

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Introducing Christian Artist Robert Russell


Born in Blytheville, Arkansas, Robert began playing music at the age of nine with his father, Bobby Russell who was also a singer songwriter.


Robert learned to play everything from Pop Music to Country to Hard Rock.


After being saved in 2007, he began to focus onChristian music. Influenced by artists such as Kutless and Nichole Nordemean, he began writing Christian songs.


His music reflects his personal journey with Christ.


You'll find Robert Russell here: 


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Higher Ground is a team of men called by God to carry His message around the world. After more than 40 years of consistent ministry in prophetic singing, writing, teaching and preaching, the team is equipped to speak into the lives of God’s people everywhere. Wayne Hilliard, Eddie Combs and Mark Whitaker possess abilities to reach both young and old with the message of God’s Kingdom. With demonstration activation of God-given gifts, Higher Ground imparts life and blessing to leaders who pursue excellence in ministry. Annual conferences, crusades and training seminars outline the work and ministry of these men.


Noted for popular songs of praise and worship and songs of declarative truths, Higher Ground has over 20 recordings to their credit, setting the pace for much of the music heard today in Christendom. Their mission continues to call the church to a higher level in God, accentuation praise and worship in every setting. These well-able men of ministry continue to inspire and change the destiny of everyone they touch.

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Higher Ground were with us at The Gloucester County Community Church during our Revival Revived 2 (January 9th - 15th)! Below is this years live radio interview!






Visit Higher Ground's website: www.higherground.us


3 Shades of Blue -

3 Shades of Blue is a band from Philadelphia, PA. Consisting of four members, Jeffery Allem, Jesse Allem, Austin Allem, Dane Duncan. They are known for their unique blend of electronic pop-rock and lyrics of hope. 3SB has opened for national and international bands including Panic! At the Disco, Skillet, Switchfoot, Tenth Avenue North, Family Force Five, Plumb, Mikeschair, Josh Wilson, Reilly, Stellar Kart, The Advice, Superhero and many more. 3SB has played at festivals around the east including: Creation, Alive, etc. For booking, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Sweet Mercy Band